Where Music and Technology Meet 

In 2010, Matt Garrison and Fortuna Sung founded ShapeShifter Productions, which later became ShapeShifter Lab Productions in 2021, joined by Jonathan Lott. 

The goal is to create a technologically driven music production company that focuses on developing innovative ways to present music and making user-friendly software that simplifies the creative process to cater to the ever fast-growing need for convenient collaboration.

In June 2021, the first app was born under the name “Matt Garrison.” The concept was inspired by Garrison’s need to explore his compositions without being confined to a fixed instrumental configuration. The best part is you can now enjoy shapeshifting the music the way you want! 

The sister app, TuneBend is along the way and is due for release in Fall 2021. The power of this app is its ability to let you create, collaborate and share you music in a few simple clicks! 

Stay tuned!

"Matt Garrison"
Our Debut

This app contains a living and evolving archive of the creative works of Matthew Garrison. You will find past albums, new albums, audio and video content, music charts and scores, lessons and live streams all in one place that will be continuously updated as Matthew develops more content.

You will also find special collaborative projects that Matthew regularly engages in.

We are Music & Tech

When we have ideas, we put them in action.

 “Matt Garrison” app is an innovative music presentation tool where you can experience each song within the app in multi-layers. That is to say, within a song, you can turn on or turn off each instrumental part to experience the song in anyway you like.

A song can have 5 drummers, 3 bass players, 12 pianist and so on. Matt will keep on building up a song continuously and the combinations become endless! 

Other exclusive content is also available: interviews and dialogues with pier musicians and artists, live performances, lessons, charts and much more!

The story doesn’t end here. TuneBend app is slated to release this Fall 2021. It takes our first project (we think of it as an artist app) to the next level where you can share and collaborate remotely.

Now you can rehearse, record, practice, teach, learn, promote your music anywhere and anytime you’d like!